What types of PPC ads are there?

PPC marketing can be highly profitable when a proper strategy is put in place and the right PPC features are used. It is essential to be aware of all the types of PPC advertising available to you as well as when you should use them. Once you have this knowledge, you can begin to create a PPC marketing strategy that uses the right types of campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. A good PPC agency will always take the time to understand your business goals and then meet your needs with the PPC ads available.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the eight most common PPC advertising types available to anyone looking to use PPC advertising.

1. Search Ads

The most common type of PPC advertising is paid search advertising. This is the ad type that most advertisers start out using when experimenting with PPC advertising. Advertisers choose the keywords on which they want their ads to appear. They then tell Google Ads which ad copy they want to appear when a user searches for their keyword as well as enter the maximum amount they are willing to pay for their ad to be clicked.

PPC search ads use an auction system to decide in what order paid advertisers to occur on the page and how much they should be paid. The auction considers how much the advertiser is bidding on the keyword as well as other quality characteristics.

PPC search ads can appear both above and below non-paid (organic) listings. You can find PPC search ads by searching for an ‘Advertising’ message at the top left of the ad.

2. Display Advertising

Display advertising is another form of paid advertising, where you advertise your product or service in front of people while they browse the Internet. Display advertising with a search campaign differs from PPC search advertising; Your ad can potentially appear in front of users who are currently searching for your product or service. With display advertising, the advertiser’s ads are displayed to users who have indicated they may be interested in your product or service. Therefore, the conversion rate of display advertising is lower as compared to PPC search advertising. However, click prices are often much lower in display advertising than in PPC search advertising.

3. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing campaigns show ads to people who have earlier visited your site. As the user has already shown some sort of interest in your business, a remarketing campaign is a very profitable PPC campaign. It is often used to bring customers who were close to converting back into the sales funnel or to upsell or cross-sell more products to your existing customer base. Here are some examples of audience lists that can be created and targeted through a Google remarketing campaign:

  • All past users
  • Previously purchased from the site
  • Signed up for the newsletter
  • Watch Professional YouTube Videos
  • Leaving the car
  • Spent more than x seconds on site but didn’t convert

Often remarketing campaigns using Google Ads involve showing image ads to users when they browse websites that are part of the Google Display Network. You can use image ads or video ads to remarket to users.

4. Video Ads

Video advertising is fast becoming an important part of digital marketing. 85% of businesses use video as a part of their marketing efforts, and 92% say it is an integral part of their marketing efforts. It is predicted that by 2022, online video will account for more than 84% of all consumer traffic.

The advantage of paid video advertising compared to organic video advertising is that you can expose your videos to people who are not currently following or know about your business. You don’t have to do the work to build an audience first.

5. Paid Social Ads

Paid social advertising involves showing ads to people as they browse social media websites. Many paid social platforms offer PPC advertising services. Some of the more common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, and Tik Tok.

Advertisers interested in doing Instagram PPC can easily do it in the Facebook PPC ads section. This is because Facebook owns Instagram and therefore allows advertisers using Facebook Ads to increase their advertising reach by being able to easily add Instagram as an additional placement to their advertising campaign.

6. Gmail Sponsored Ads

Gmail Sponsored Ads allow your businesses to advertise on Gmail. They can be created within Google Ads, meaning advertisers with Google search, shopping, or display campaigns can easily branch out into Gmail-sponsored advertising.

With Gmail Sponsored Ads, users see an ad that looks like a regular email. As the user clicks on the ad, they are taken to an extended version of your ad. from here; They have the option of clicking through to your site.


In today’s time, there are many PPC advertising platforms and ad types available. In this blog, I have talked about the eight major PPC ad types used by most advertisers. Most advertisers who start with PPC advertising start with a search campaign on Google Ads. This is often a good starting point for PPC advertisers. It’s important to test out new types of advertising and find the right PPC advertising strategy for your business.