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Spruce up the aesthetic appeal your website lacks, with our 360° solutions for website redesigning

We rebuild and redesign websites that you can undoubtedly be proud of! The major challenge in redesigning of any website is striking the right chord with the target audience or online customer every time. At RankWay, we do just that!

Convenient accessibility, Google compatibility, trouble-free navigability and usability are the intrinsic qualities of every website built, designed as well as redesigned by us. Exclusive colors, classy fonts, high-end or pioneering technologies like Ajax, PHP, Flash, CSS, Net, XML, XHTML etc., are everyday affairs at RankWay Website Redesign Shoppe.

What actually gets us moving is just an idea… redesigned and recreated for maximum impact. When combined with our dedication, passion, creative ingenuity and even the simplest of ideas, result as exceptional websites.

Why do you need website redesigning?

If your current website is out of date and not performing well, then website redesign is recommended. Revamping your existing website is a good way to boost your web conversions. Redesigning your existing website not only gives a new look and new life to your existing website but your website starts generating leads, sales and business for your company. If you’re still not sure, here are some reasons you should consider redesigning your website.

Old Technology

If your website is built using an old technology and thus it is not working in the current scenario, then you should consider redesigning your website to keep up with the technological advancement and upgradation.


If your existing website is having errors then it is good to fix all the errors from usability point of view and thus you need to consider redesigning your website.

Not User Friendly

If your existing website is not user friendly and you want to change the user interface or look of your website for better usability and conversion, then consider redesigning your website.

Load Speed

If your current website is not performing well in search engines, then you should consider SEO for your website, for which you need to redesign your website again for search engines.


Apart from this, if you want to add additional features or pages to your existing website or you want to add new content to your website, then web redesigning would be a good idea.

Planning For SEO

If you are planning SEO or any other digital marketing activities to promote your website then your website needs to be updated otherwise all the marketing efforts go in vain.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Company

Website redesign service from a professional company the proven recipe for your brand success. RankWay is a well- established website redesigning company in Ahmedabad with a plethora of impeccably accomplished projects in its portfolio.

Host of Services

A professional company specializing in meeting the various demands of the clients in the business world. Start-up companies and corporate leaders prefer professional help for their website designing as well as re-designing needs. Apart from this, they get help in digitizing the businesses through a number of websites designing services. A professional web designing company Ahmedabad also enables you a functional e-commerce website with essential features of payment gateway, unlimited product pages etc. to boost sales.

Increased Brand Value

A professional website designing company Ahmedabad aims at digitizing every aspect of your business. While designing a professional website, ensure that it not only attracts attention but also brings in business. Your website gives identity to your enterprise and the company makes sure to make it ubiquitous, be it desktop or user’s hand.

Customized Designing Solutions

If you are looking for a website with low loading times, and would not like frequent changes, then a static site is a suitable solution for you. However, dynamic website designing is the current trend, it enables the information on the site to be updated frequently and comes with a user-friendly interface. It’s time to give your business message to the world with website designing.

What we offer in Web Redesign

Rankway’s professional web designers and developers bring to the table impressive practical exposure, years of experience, and application of the latest design trends in website redesign. Our web designers not only give a complete makeover to your website but also enhance its functionality and usability. We combine beautiful design elements, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO features
to revamp the look, appeal, and performance of your website.

With our redesign, we promise to offer a website that is more responsive, faster to load, ranks higher on search engines, and converts passive buyers into active buyers. Our creative designers redesign your website to align it with your brand identity and unlock the true potential of your business.

Ecommerce Website Redesign

The sales numbers you expect from your e-commerce website don’t match your expectations? Don’t worry; We specialize in redesigning e-commerce websites that meet your exact business needs. We are experts in implementing structural and technical changes to make a website more visible, engaging and business-friendly.

Redesign For Lead Generation

You can generate online leads from a website that primarily has high visibility in cyberspace and secondly, it is capable of generating interest among visitors. We redesign websites to make them more conducive to lead generation, with features like click-to-call buttons, contact forms, downloads, etc.

Redesign to Improve Look and Feel

Search engine optimization attracts traffic to your website, but it is the interface and experience that keep visitors on the page. We completely revamp your website, make it aesthetically pleasing with our custom solutions, and ensure that your visitors convert into real leads.

Increase ROI (Return on Investment)

We take a systematic approach to redesign websites to maximize (ROI) which includes- driving traffic, analyzing traffic, optimizing website and increasing conversions. We use a family of advanced web tools to transform mediocre websites into professional websites capable of generating high ROI.

Our Result-Driven Web Development Process

  • Make it Mobile Friendly
  • Make It More Visitor Friendly
  • Give It a New Appeal
  • Make It Search Engine Friendly
  • Make It Technological

Make it Mobile Friendly

Your website may perform great on desktop, but can you say the same when viewed on a mobile screen. You can go for a reality check. If your websites load slowly, text is unreadable, the visitor needs to repeatedly zoom in and out, images stretch out of the screen and so on these are signs of a severely hindered user experience. You need a website redesign with a responsive web design that can adapt your site to the different mobile devices it is viewed on. Plus, major search engines favor mobile-friendly websites in organic searches.

Make It More Visitor Friendly

User behavior on your website changes over time and so do their expectations. Whereas earlier a visitor was happy spending two or more seconds typing a long query, today he wants “auto- complete suggestions”. Likewise, many new design developments have redefined the way webpages
are presented for an optimal browsing experience. If your website has not been designed recently, you may need to check its navigation structure, ease of use, loading speed and other components that define user experience. The next step is to redesign it to make it visitor friendly.

Give It a New Appeal

Even the best web designs get old with time! A site’s layout and structure, color scheme, texture, typography and imagery may have made an impressive package two years ago, but today they are out of favor with visitors. If the visual appeal is low, your visitors will not engage with the content
and your offer may go unheard. Therefore, you must realize the dynamics in website designing and modify the graphics and user interface before the trends overtake the performance of your website.

Make It Search Engine Friendly

Search engines keep updating their search algorithms for indexing, profiling and ranking websites. Only those websites that respond to these updates and evolve accordingly retain their high rankings. SEO fine tuning may also not be so useful if you have not restructured your website since a long time, as a result of which your site ranking is falling. Instead, a complete redesign to make your
website search-engine friendly would be the right solution.

Make It Technological

Web technologies change at a rapid pace and affect website performance. Only by adopting new technologies can your website survive the tough cyber competition. With new coding standards, content management systems, and other technological advances, the need to revamp a website grows accordingly. When you redesign your website, it keeps up with the latest developments in web technologies and delivers excellent performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much would a website cost?

Ans. The cost of a website depends on various factors and complexity. Give us a call, we will be happy to discuss with you.

On which platform do you build your website?

Ans. It depends on the requirement of the project, we are experts in XHTML, CSS, Flash, WordPress, Magento, PHP, CodeIgniter and more.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Ans. Yes, we also provide unique and impressive content writing services. View full details about our content writing service.

Web Designing Project

After having our brand new website developed by RankWay Technology PVT LTD, we have seen a 200% increase in the number of online contact forms being filled out and returned to us. Hiral along with his team of experts worked with us to develop the website that met the requirements we needed. The end result was a website that is attractive, organized and effective. Thanks to RankWay and the hard work and your continued support!

Mr. Parth Shah

Web Designing Project

In comparison to other companies that we have worked with previously, RankWay Technology PVT LTD has been far superior in all areas. As we have been creating our new website, the customer service has been prompt and straightforward and the actual services are well documented and logical to our needs. We are thrilled to work alongside Hiral and the other team members at RankWay Technology.

Mr. Rakesh Purohit

Digital Marketing

RankWay is our marketing agency for over a year now. They have provided excellent services and strategies to accelerate the growth of our business. Most importantly, they are willing and able to adapt our marketing strategy to help us succeed in our industry.

Mr. Rajeshbhai Joshi

Happy Customers

From offering innovative digital solutions to helping them solve current issues, we here at RankWay Technology make every effort to ensure that our customer’s names appear as the top ones in the world wide web. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us.

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